Monday, July 13, 2009

"yoUnger now than we weRe before" - the fRay

Why is it that when you're young and totally not at the age of adulthood, all you want is to have a serious boyfriend, get married, have a few kids, a dog, and that huge white house with that marvelous wrap around porch? But.................then the time comes to actually consider the real deal and all you want to do is be in college forever, not have a care in the world except for when the next day is that you actually have to go to class, and date whoever you want, whenever you want? I feel younger than I have ever felt and I think its pretty damn ironic that things are working out this way. Do you ever have those days where you just want to live at home forever with the comfort and support of your mom, dad, and siblings, get to go out with your friends every night, shop all day, and never work? Forget growing up, I'll have one of those. Of course you will C. Of course you'll have what you absolutely can NOT have. Typical, typical, typical. I have come to the conclusion that you could put a paper bag in front of me and I wouldn't bat an eye at it (which isn't an unusual reaction) until you took it away and told me that there was absoutely no way I could have that bag. (Long pause) What? I can't have it? Why not? All the sudden that paper bag becomes fab-u-leSs. The second you tell me that I can't have something, I can give you three hundred and fifty reasons on why I need that something. For me, it's allllllll about the chase. How manyly do i sound right now? (If I sound manly in your head while your reading this, please make my voice atleast an octave higher. C doesn't want to sound like a man. ....Better yet? Okay thanks. ) The moral of the story is: don't wish your life away no matter how old you are. If you live at home, don't whine about how you can't wait to be out of your parents house. Appreciate your family while you can be around them every day. If you have a boyfriend, enjoy him as your boyfriend rather than marrying him in your head every other hour. And, if you have a louis vuitton, don't always think about getting a bigger, better one. Love your louis as he is!

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