Monday, July 27, 2009

but i stiLL haven't fouNd what i'm lookiNg for

when i graduated from highschool, i knew exactly what i wanted & where i wanted to be when i graduated from college. now that i've gone through what most like to call "the college experience," my mind has changed more times than one. mind has really changed more times than a thousand. my dad is constantly reminding me to write down my goals. everytime my father tells me this, i automatically check this off my list of things to do in my head because hey, i've always had goals. I have been checking the whole goals idea of of my list of things to do for the past four years and granted, I've written them down in my journal every now in then....but, my goals have also drastically changed every now and then too. instead of realizing that my goals have been all over the place since i started college (i've seen myself in texas, california, new york being a dental hygenist, stylist, big corporate marketing women, and sometimes not working at all... you get the point.) i assume i'm still that girl who was so sure of everything way back when I graduated from highschool. my point is that today i had an epiphany. And, life changing epiphany occured while i was shopping. whenever i go shopping without something in mind to buy, i come home with a variety of items i do not, by any stretch of the imagination, need. Sometimes I will get lucky and purchase something I didn't realize I needed at the time, but usually I simply picked up unecessary things because hey, shopping is fun & I could use this lime green dress one day, right? I'm sure plenty of you have a closet full of hey-I-could-use-these-one-day's; I know I do.* Well, if they are still hey-I-could-use-these-one-day's, I'm sure these items are just taking up space & collecting dust. I got to thinking... my life is like my closet. (Wow C, did you think of that all on your own? HA) Who wants a closet full of things they may or may not use?

Picture your favorite item in your closet. Now picture how much you love it and how no amount of money would be enough to make up for what it means to you. Wouldn't you rather have a closet full of things you love just as much as your favorite item in your closet? I figure the best way to accomplish this superb closet (an understatement, i know) is to start by making a list of what you need and want before you galavant around the mall. If you know exactly what your looking for, obviously you will have a better chance of coming home with purchases you absolutely love rather than just purchases you may or may not end up using one day. Fill up your closet with things you are super proud of rather than things that are just going to collect dust from falling to the back of your closet. Get rid of those hey-i-could-use-those-one-day's and only replace them with items you love. And when I say love, I mean i-can't-live-without-these kind of love. Write down your goals just like you write down a shopping list. Use your goals to lead you to your life's closet full of everything you absolutely can not live without.

*Don't get the wrong idea about the items in my closet. I am using a slight exageration technique to get my point across, I have a plethora of fabuless things in my closet as well. Duh.

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