Sunday, September 6, 2009

i totaLLy did that thiNg i said i wasn't goinG to do.

I'm trying to get back in the swing of this whole blog thing. How lame? I wrote like 5 posts and quit already.

I'm back in my little house with my best friend. Thank heaven above. We now have life conversations, oh.............everyday (Not to mention the amount of phone minutes I use has decreased dramatically because I'm not talking to her for 3 hours a day. Obsessed? Probably.)And, our life conversations seem to lie somewhere between how we never want to grow up and that we need to go shopping. Pretty intense stuff, huh?

College boys, J says, are a complete waste of time. Everytime she tells me this, I burst into laughter. She can say that until she is blue in the face, but she is still always chasing them.

My favorite song right now is Mr. Jones by the Counting Crows. My dad played (okay, he blared) this CD all. of. the. time growing up. And I just overlooked how freaking fabulous this song is. So I recently have refound Mr. Jones.

Oh yeah, and some boy told me this weekend, in a friendly way......i think?, that I walk around like I'm better than everyone. I got the strangest feeling when he told me that. I can't say I'm upset he thinks that, to each his own. And puhleaseeee, I dont act like that. He's plain crazy.

This is the most random blogpost ever, but hey, gotta start somewhere?