Wednesday, February 24, 2010

runninG away is sometimes the best thing.

How many times has someone been in your ear telling you to not runaway from your problems? It seems to be a given in today's world that the idea of running from your problems is nothing but an outward sign of weakness. Being perceived weak is the last thing any of us want to be, and I have been under this particular spell for about a month now. I have been doing what I thought was the right thing and standing directly under the cloud of my problem: fists up and ready. I am a strong girl and I thought hey, that's what us strong ladies do so bring. it. Well, let me stress the fact that it has been a month. I have been "facing" my problem for over a month and it has literally consumed me mentally with absolutely no progress. Sometimes, depending on your problem of course, you have to evaluate not just the problem but you're desired solution. If your dream solution did come true, would the problem really go away? This seems like a simple yet obvious question. But let me stress the fact that you need to really understand the question. If you got your wish- would the problem you are dealing with really go away in every aspect of the solution? Would you really be satisfied or are you just addicted to the process and challenge of getting to the solution? Is the problem your dealing with making you subconsciously lower your standards? Perhaps the best way, and the best any of us can do to show our strength (or flex our lady muscles) is not staying under the direct fire of our problems, but being able to recognize how long to stay & when to go; or run rather.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the queen of ruNaround, you know itS truE.

confession's of c:
I tend to play games because I like well, the excitement... and I can't seem to be entertained by the same ole story for a long period of time. Don't get me wrong-I have always known this about myself, but I have yet to find the solution to my little tiff. WHY CAN'T I JUST BE SATISFIED. Then again, how much fun would that be?

I recently attended a Maroon 5 concert, and while I have always considered myself a fan of their music, I discovered a number of their songs that I never took the time to truly listen to. --Not so fast, music is my therapy, my love, & next to fashion, one of my most prized possessions. I've been one of those music freaks ever since I was little, and I'm not afraid to admit it. You see, I have this impatient habit of skipping over songs that I can't immediately relate to if the song lacks a catchy beat, I'm just not in that mood, or I'm short on time when I try to critique the album. I can't say I'm proud of it, but if I don't find a sufficient amount of songs that inspire me to continue to listen to the album in full, I'll slap the songs worthy to be played in my version of repeat (aka over, and over, and over, and over.........) into a fitting play-list and dismiss the rest of my album into my itunes library. Turns out I did exactly this when Maroon 5's first two cd's came out. I skipped over some really intense (but fabuless at the same time) songs about boys that have gotten messed up/messed with (whichever you prefer) by girls. I got to thinking while I was at the concert... am I one of those girls?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

yoU know that feeLing. .

I came to the realization that the majority of what I feel is controlled by me, myself, and I. This may sound like a rather point blank concept, but think about it... When you are in the worst mood ever, everyone annoys you. When you just had a killer shopping trip and are on an endorphin kick because of it, little to nothing/nobody can touch your fabuless mood. Do you know how much you could use this to your advantage in relationships? It's all about how you think through each situation and its surroundings. I can control how I feel about everything and everyone by the way I file them away in my head; basically, I can convince myself of anything (now that's power). I always find myself making something out of nothing & nothing out of something. My problem lies in the distinguishing of the two. Throw the fact that I like competition and what I absolutely cannot have, and you have the ultimate definition of a complicated girl whose head is always on a swivel.

c's liSt of aBsolute necessities.

in no particular order, here is a list of items i can not live without & that I am in total love with.

1. aveeno stress relief body lotion: i go through a bottle every 2 weeks; although i can't say it necessarily relieves my stress, it is the perfect amount of moisturizing ingredients and just enough of a subtle scent.
2. fekkai sheer hold hairspray (with avocado oil): you can spray it until you are blue in the face, but your hair never looks overdone AND it has an incredible hold.
3. chanel nail poLish in madness: my go to nail polish color.
4. jBrand skinnys pencil leg: anybody who has tried these on know exactly why these are on my list of necessities.
5. zara basics one button blazer: i rarely e v e r leave home without it, and yes i get made fun of for it. pssh.
6. theory white & black v-necks: hold up so well, comfy fit.
7. blackberry tour: self exclammatory.
8. laura mercier oil free tinted moisturizer: perfect amount of coverage.
9. chanel powder blush in mocha: great regardless of the shade of your skin.
10. nars multiple in copacabana: great highlighter and works great for on the go.
11. clinique all about eyes: i go through a tub of this a month.
12. YSL touche eclat #2
13. chloe eau de parfum: my signature scent.
14. hanky pankys: i am addicted to buying these in every color ever invented.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

i totaLLy did that thiNg i said i wasn't goinG to do.

I'm trying to get back in the swing of this whole blog thing. How lame? I wrote like 5 posts and quit already.

I'm back in my little house with my best friend. Thank heaven above. We now have life conversations, oh.............everyday (Not to mention the amount of phone minutes I use has decreased dramatically because I'm not talking to her for 3 hours a day. Obsessed? Probably.)And, our life conversations seem to lie somewhere between how we never want to grow up and that we need to go shopping. Pretty intense stuff, huh?

College boys, J says, are a complete waste of time. Everytime she tells me this, I burst into laughter. She can say that until she is blue in the face, but she is still always chasing them.

My favorite song right now is Mr. Jones by the Counting Crows. My dad played (okay, he blared) this CD all. of. the. time growing up. And I just overlooked how freaking fabulous this song is. So I recently have refound Mr. Jones.

Oh yeah, and some boy told me this weekend, in a friendly way......i think?, that I walk around like I'm better than everyone. I got the strangest feeling when he told me that. I can't say I'm upset he thinks that, to each his own. And puhleaseeee, I dont act like that. He's plain crazy.

This is the most random blogpost ever, but hey, gotta start somewhere?

Monday, July 27, 2009

but i stiLL haven't fouNd what i'm lookiNg for

when i graduated from highschool, i knew exactly what i wanted & where i wanted to be when i graduated from college. now that i've gone through what most like to call "the college experience," my mind has changed more times than one. mind has really changed more times than a thousand. my dad is constantly reminding me to write down my goals. everytime my father tells me this, i automatically check this off my list of things to do in my head because hey, i've always had goals. I have been checking the whole goals idea of of my list of things to do for the past four years and granted, I've written them down in my journal every now in then....but, my goals have also drastically changed every now and then too. instead of realizing that my goals have been all over the place since i started college (i've seen myself in texas, california, new york being a dental hygenist, stylist, big corporate marketing women, and sometimes not working at all... you get the point.) i assume i'm still that girl who was so sure of everything way back when I graduated from highschool. my point is that today i had an epiphany. And, life changing epiphany occured while i was shopping. whenever i go shopping without something in mind to buy, i come home with a variety of items i do not, by any stretch of the imagination, need. Sometimes I will get lucky and purchase something I didn't realize I needed at the time, but usually I simply picked up unecessary things because hey, shopping is fun & I could use this lime green dress one day, right? I'm sure plenty of you have a closet full of hey-I-could-use-these-one-day's; I know I do.* Well, if they are still hey-I-could-use-these-one-day's, I'm sure these items are just taking up space & collecting dust. I got to thinking... my life is like my closet. (Wow C, did you think of that all on your own? HA) Who wants a closet full of things they may or may not use?

Picture your favorite item in your closet. Now picture how much you love it and how no amount of money would be enough to make up for what it means to you. Wouldn't you rather have a closet full of things you love just as much as your favorite item in your closet? I figure the best way to accomplish this superb closet (an understatement, i know) is to start by making a list of what you need and want before you galavant around the mall. If you know exactly what your looking for, obviously you will have a better chance of coming home with purchases you absolutely love rather than just purchases you may or may not end up using one day. Fill up your closet with things you are super proud of rather than things that are just going to collect dust from falling to the back of your closet. Get rid of those hey-i-could-use-those-one-day's and only replace them with items you love. And when I say love, I mean i-can't-live-without-these kind of love. Write down your goals just like you write down a shopping list. Use your goals to lead you to your life's closet full of everything you absolutely can not live without.

*Don't get the wrong idea about the items in my closet. I am using a slight exageration technique to get my point across, I have a plethora of fabuless things in my closet as well. Duh.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

numBer 1

I'm sure you all know that there is a big difference between an item being expensive and an item actually being worth it's price tag. Cost and worth is a simple concept in theory, but try to use this theory in a world of eight hundred dollar italian shoes marked down to somewhere around three hundred dollars, and you're up a river without a paddle. Do you know how much that is off? Obviously you are getting a once in a lifetime deal because eight hundred minus three hundred is.......FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS? These shoes must be worth the price if you can save half a grand by getting them, right? Beware fellow shopaholic. There is one minor downfall: you have to purchase the shoes to find out if they are actually worth the price, and sooner than later you either want to throw these shoes (one by one) down a hill because you wasted your whole paycheck on it and needless to say, youre not impressed; or you want to give each shoe a big kiss because those babies were worth every penny. I decided that it would be a huge luxury to know what items are truely worth their price so, I am going to compile a list of 10 things that fall into the expensive category, but are actually worth the money. Slowly but surely I will be making your shopping experience that much more fabuless.

1. La mer. (La what?)
I have seen this stuff all over the internet, plastered on the shiny pages of magazines, and in upscale department stores. One look at the price tag, and I’m power walking in the opposite direction. A whopping $130 dollars? Do you know what I could buy with that much money, I think to myself. Then, out of absolutely nowhere, I was ambushed by my own skin. That’s right, my skin decided to so inconveniently go into freak-out-mode. I don’t use the term freak-out-mode lightly, either. I’m talking wake up in the morning, look into the mirror, and say ew kind of freak-out-mode. I had tried everything; just to name a few: my mom’s organic skin regimen, routine facials, and Clinique’s three step. With all this growing up I’m being forced to do, don’t you think I should have this whole skin thing under control? Not a chance in hell. One day, I said to heck with it, bring on the $130 per ounce face cream. The ladies at the La Mer counter were googley eyed at the thought of actually selling an ounce of this stuff and they very happily told me very specific directions: scoop out a pea size amount, rub the cream between your hands to activate the “miracle broth,” and then softly blot the cream onto your face. I did so the minute I got my hands on the nifty little jar of expensive who knows what (an ingredients list isn’t given with your purchase because whatever is in it is kept super secret) and like a prayer, I la mer’ed each morning and night. The next few days, it was like I had a sign on my forehead that said “I just spent over one hundred dollars on my face cream, compliment my skin so I can continue to waste my money.” Left and right people were asking me how I managed to maintain my beautiful skin. Usually when you ask someone a question of this sort, you prepare yourself for some kind of this-will-never-work-for you effortless response along the lines of “Oh, it’s nothing. I just use a bar of dove soap to maintain this healthy glow!” And after this nonchalant response, to no avail, you automatically start crossing out the chances of your skin looking that good because you’ve heard the whole dove soap thing, done it religiously, and nothing. Don’t worry, when people complimented my skin, it sounded not so effortless when I responded with an overexcited “Thanks, I’ve been using La mer.” Then the little ladies start chatting between themselves, “Do you know how much that actually cost? No wonder her skin looks good.” But hey, this cream is worth the gossip. My skin is so bitchy (I have no idea where she gets it from……), if she doesn’t like something: you will know. So, if my lovely skin can use this thick cream without a cat fight, I can almost guarantee yours can. This stuff is worth the price and at the top of my list for what to waste your small paycheck on.