Wednesday, July 15, 2009

numBer 1

I'm sure you all know that there is a big difference between an item being expensive and an item actually being worth it's price tag. Cost and worth is a simple concept in theory, but try to use this theory in a world of eight hundred dollar italian shoes marked down to somewhere around three hundred dollars, and you're up a river without a paddle. Do you know how much that is off? Obviously you are getting a once in a lifetime deal because eight hundred minus three hundred is.......FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS? These shoes must be worth the price if you can save half a grand by getting them, right? Beware fellow shopaholic. There is one minor downfall: you have to purchase the shoes to find out if they are actually worth the price, and sooner than later you either want to throw these shoes (one by one) down a hill because you wasted your whole paycheck on it and needless to say, youre not impressed; or you want to give each shoe a big kiss because those babies were worth every penny. I decided that it would be a huge luxury to know what items are truely worth their price so, I am going to compile a list of 10 things that fall into the expensive category, but are actually worth the money. Slowly but surely I will be making your shopping experience that much more fabuless.

1. La mer. (La what?)
I have seen this stuff all over the internet, plastered on the shiny pages of magazines, and in upscale department stores. One look at the price tag, and I’m power walking in the opposite direction. A whopping $130 dollars? Do you know what I could buy with that much money, I think to myself. Then, out of absolutely nowhere, I was ambushed by my own skin. That’s right, my skin decided to so inconveniently go into freak-out-mode. I don’t use the term freak-out-mode lightly, either. I’m talking wake up in the morning, look into the mirror, and say ew kind of freak-out-mode. I had tried everything; just to name a few: my mom’s organic skin regimen, routine facials, and Clinique’s three step. With all this growing up I’m being forced to do, don’t you think I should have this whole skin thing under control? Not a chance in hell. One day, I said to heck with it, bring on the $130 per ounce face cream. The ladies at the La Mer counter were googley eyed at the thought of actually selling an ounce of this stuff and they very happily told me very specific directions: scoop out a pea size amount, rub the cream between your hands to activate the “miracle broth,” and then softly blot the cream onto your face. I did so the minute I got my hands on the nifty little jar of expensive who knows what (an ingredients list isn’t given with your purchase because whatever is in it is kept super secret) and like a prayer, I la mer’ed each morning and night. The next few days, it was like I had a sign on my forehead that said “I just spent over one hundred dollars on my face cream, compliment my skin so I can continue to waste my money.” Left and right people were asking me how I managed to maintain my beautiful skin. Usually when you ask someone a question of this sort, you prepare yourself for some kind of this-will-never-work-for you effortless response along the lines of “Oh, it’s nothing. I just use a bar of dove soap to maintain this healthy glow!” And after this nonchalant response, to no avail, you automatically start crossing out the chances of your skin looking that good because you’ve heard the whole dove soap thing, done it religiously, and nothing. Don’t worry, when people complimented my skin, it sounded not so effortless when I responded with an overexcited “Thanks, I’ve been using La mer.” Then the little ladies start chatting between themselves, “Do you know how much that actually cost? No wonder her skin looks good.” But hey, this cream is worth the gossip. My skin is so bitchy (I have no idea where she gets it from……), if she doesn’t like something: you will know. So, if my lovely skin can use this thick cream without a cat fight, I can almost guarantee yours can. This stuff is worth the price and at the top of my list for what to waste your small paycheck on.

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