Wednesday, February 24, 2010

runninG away is sometimes the best thing.

How many times has someone been in your ear telling you to not runaway from your problems? It seems to be a given in today's world that the idea of running from your problems is nothing but an outward sign of weakness. Being perceived weak is the last thing any of us want to be, and I have been under this particular spell for about a month now. I have been doing what I thought was the right thing and standing directly under the cloud of my problem: fists up and ready. I am a strong girl and I thought hey, that's what us strong ladies do so bring. it. Well, let me stress the fact that it has been a month. I have been "facing" my problem for over a month and it has literally consumed me mentally with absolutely no progress. Sometimes, depending on your problem of course, you have to evaluate not just the problem but you're desired solution. If your dream solution did come true, would the problem really go away? This seems like a simple yet obvious question. But let me stress the fact that you need to really understand the question. If you got your wish- would the problem you are dealing with really go away in every aspect of the solution? Would you really be satisfied or are you just addicted to the process and challenge of getting to the solution? Is the problem your dealing with making you subconsciously lower your standards? Perhaps the best way, and the best any of us can do to show our strength (or flex our lady muscles) is not staying under the direct fire of our problems, but being able to recognize how long to stay & when to go; or run rather.