Saturday, July 11, 2009

waRninG: c is in obseSsion mode.

i have this habit, whiCh i'm sure many of you can identify with, where i obseSs (to the MAX) over new a n y t h i n g s that catch my blue eye."New anythinGs that catch my bLue eye" is probably one of the longest lists i've ever tried to compile. Due to this scary fact, i'm going to keep this concise (for your own good) and give you a little taste of the ridiculous things i like to call new obsesSions. like: i cant think of anything else but my fabuLesS new ________(insert new toy here) kind of obsessions. My obsessions include but are not limited to:new shoes. new meaninGful songs that i want to belt out at the top of my luNgs or danCe to untiL the sun comes uP. new cruShes. new jeans. new lipgloss. new egyptian cotton sheets.
new workout clothes. new people. this is getting obnoxious. basically, i'm trying to say that blogginG is my new obseSsion. i'm probably going to overdo it for awhile much like the way i pLay my new favorite songs over and over in one sittinG untiL i know all the words. lets face it, i want to know all the words of blogging without the aftermath of my obsessions, of course. By this i mean my obsesSions never last due to my inability to stay entertained by one thing for long periods of time, hence the aftermath. I get deathly sick of my new anythings because of my habit of overusing them in too short periods of time. So, my promise to you is to not let my habit of obsession get too out of control and to keep myself entertained enough to continue blogging. bloggers honor.

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