Saturday, July 11, 2009

a littLe bit of everything? check.

faShion? check.
reLationships? check.
pointLess gosSip? check.

instead of limiting my exceptionally important thoughts to that of my pretty little head & the conversations i have with my friends, i figured it is my civic duty to share my wealth of knowledge to the internet universe. hello world, C here-and i have something to say......................about absolutely everything.* my grammar skills are so (yes, i know this is my third so) bare with me on this one.

*why am i calling myself C? oh, because i dont want to use my real name because this bloG is obviously going to make me famous. HA! But in all seriousness, this girl is paranoid. The funniest part is: (drum roll pleaseeee...) i dont even have a single follower? What am i paranoid about again? yeah um, thats all for now folks.**

** and by folks, i do mean future followers. :)


  1. I read your blog and it really made me laugh, not to mention the relationship advice you give is so extremely true, and I've seen so many of my best friends go through that exact same thing. Plus you have no followers, and I thought I'd be the first. Oh maybe you don't want one though, I don't know, no one follows me either, except I did just make my account tonight, so that could be why. Or maybe I'm just lame and boring, who knows. Anyway this was basically just a really drawn-out hi from your first follower :)

  2. i woke uP to your comment, and it made my day. thanks to you, i dont have to blog about not having followers anymore- i appreciate that & your feedback, of course.