Sunday, November 8, 2009

yoU know that feeLing. .

I came to the realization that the majority of what I feel is controlled by me, myself, and I. This may sound like a rather point blank concept, but think about it... When you are in the worst mood ever, everyone annoys you. When you just had a killer shopping trip and are on an endorphin kick because of it, little to nothing/nobody can touch your fabuless mood. Do you know how much you could use this to your advantage in relationships? It's all about how you think through each situation and its surroundings. I can control how I feel about everything and everyone by the way I file them away in my head; basically, I can convince myself of anything (now that's power). I always find myself making something out of nothing & nothing out of something. My problem lies in the distinguishing of the two. Throw the fact that I like competition and what I absolutely cannot have, and you have the ultimate definition of a complicated girl whose head is always on a swivel.

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