Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the queen of ruNaround, you know itS truE.

confession's of c:
I tend to play games because I like well, the excitement... and I can't seem to be entertained by the same ole story for a long period of time. Don't get me wrong-I have always known this about myself, but I have yet to find the solution to my little tiff. WHY CAN'T I JUST BE SATISFIED. Then again, how much fun would that be?

I recently attended a Maroon 5 concert, and while I have always considered myself a fan of their music, I discovered a number of their songs that I never took the time to truly listen to. --Not so fast, music is my therapy, my love, & next to fashion, one of my most prized possessions. I've been one of those music freaks ever since I was little, and I'm not afraid to admit it. You see, I have this impatient habit of skipping over songs that I can't immediately relate to if the song lacks a catchy beat, I'm just not in that mood, or I'm short on time when I try to critique the album. I can't say I'm proud of it, but if I don't find a sufficient amount of songs that inspire me to continue to listen to the album in full, I'll slap the songs worthy to be played in my version of repeat (aka over, and over, and over, and over.........) into a fitting play-list and dismiss the rest of my album into my itunes library. Turns out I did exactly this when Maroon 5's first two cd's came out. I skipped over some really intense (but fabuless at the same time) songs about boys that have gotten messed up/messed with (whichever you prefer) by girls. I got to thinking while I was at the concert... am I one of those girls?

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